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Affordable Walk-in Clinic in Dallas Fort Worth
  1. Cooper Clinic - 12220 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230
    Tel: (972) 560-2667

Emergency Rooms Hospitals in Dallas Fort Worth
  1. UT Southwestern University Hospital - 5151 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75390
    Tel:(214) 645-5555

Dallas Fort Worth
Urgent Care

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Urgent care doctors in Dallas Fort Worth work in medical facilities that are dedicated to delivering immediate care. Many times in Dallas Fort Worth people need an unscheduled appointment with urgent illness that needs immediate attention from a doctor.

It is generally not serious enough to need a visit to an emergency room in a hospital Dallas Fort Worth , but does require immediate attention.


Dallas Fort Worth
Walk-in Clinic

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Urgent care doctors in Dallas Fort Worth work on offering outpatient care for the treatment of illness and injury. It requires a broad and comprehensive knowledge of emergency medicine to provide such care.

Urgent Care doctors concentrate on the evaluation and treatment of arising conditions requiring immediate medical attention for people living in Dallas Fort Worth and services all ages and doctors are available 24 hours a day.

Primary Care Doctors in Dallas Fort Worth often first diagnose chronic conditions and then generally refer to Urgent care physicians when they cannot see their patient immediately without an appointment.

Health Care

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A lot of doctors that work at urgent care clinics in Dallas Fort Worth have previously worked in emergency rooms and Hospitals in Dallas Fort Worth . Some doctors specialize in internal medicine, others are lung and pulmonary doctors and all are very experienced with emergency situations.

When visiting an urgent care doctor in Dallas Fort Worth it is important to provide them with your medical history to help them diagnose your condition quickly.